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Hiroshi Sakino's 3preset for PC

5,000 JPY

※This is digital item



Hiroshi Sakino's collection-3 preset- Packed with 3 all round presets for kids, portraits and landscapes. I hope many photo enthusiasts can create even more wonderful colors. Please adjust the color temperature and exposure amount according to each photo. 01: Sakino Highkey It has the effect of making the subject and the photo itself look gentle when shooting against the sun. Mainly effective for children and lovely things. Ideal for use in backlit indoors and outdoors 02: Sakino Vintage matte I want to make it look fashionable and calm in cafes, inorganic materials, and adult portraits. This is a preset that I would like you to use. It is recommended !! 03: Sakino blue I lived by the sea and saw the colors of the sea every day. A preset that transforms beach photos into my favorite blue. https://www.instagram.com/hiroshisakino/?hl=ja

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