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ya_hi.photo's 3preset for mobile

5,000 JPY

※This is digital item



ya_hi.photo's collection-3 preset- 01: Matte You can make a photo that looks like a matte finish. It goes well with outdoor photography during the day. Adjust the exposure after applying the preset. 02: Cinematic green(mzk) You can make dark photos look like a trendy movie with a greenish tint. It can be adapted to any photo, but it goes well with the under-photograph. Please adjust the exposure amount after applying the preset. 03:cinematic warm(35mm to otus) 古い映画の様な暖色がかった色味に仕上げることができます。どんな写真にも適応できると思います。プリセット適用後に露光量の調節をしてください。 https://www.instagram.com/ya_hi.photo/?hl=ja

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