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matt2-14's 3preset for PC

5,000 JPY

※This is digital item



matt2_14's collection-3 preset- 01: Natural-Blue-Sky ・ Recommended presets for gently producing the “blue” of the blue sky ・ Because we are particular about how to put out green, it is a preset that is especially useful in sunny and nature. 02: Film-Vintage A film-like texture is created by adding a little turbidity to the particles and darkness. -Can be used indoors or outdoors. -Especially useful for taking indoor room shots and for making the interior look fashionable. 03: Worm-Sunset ・ Use at dusk to create a warmer photo. ・ Because it is closer to warm colors, in some cases the white balance may be adjusted to be slightly colder, and even if warm colors are added around the light source by partial correction. https://www.instagram.com/matt2_14/?hl=ja

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