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lindyiso 3preset for PC

5,000 JPY

※This is digital item



lindyiso's collection-3 preset- 01: W.Sonoma ’s Kitchen tab -Cooking- This preset is based on the image of an overseas table. Although the saturation is low, it has a sharp finish, so it is recommended when you want to bring out details such as fruits. Please adjust it because it will be slightly different depending on the camera settings such as exposure amount and color temperature. 02: Noble flower Finished to be elegant and transparent without becoming too gorgeous. Recommended when you want to express the color of flowers naturally. The result will be a light tone, so if you want to add some color, adjust the saturation and contrast. 03: Ambient space-Interior- The result is a calm atmosphere with a slight fade. You can also use it for shooting cafes etc. with presets that image a comfortable ambient. https://www.instagram.com/lindyiso/?hl=ja

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