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Mizuki 3preset for PC

5,000 JPY

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Mizuki's collection-3preset- This preset is conscious of creating an atmosphere with the expression of light in mind. Among them, I chose three that I often use. Of course, you can use it according to the atmosphere of the light you want to express. It can also be used as a base preset. I hope these three presets can support the expression. 01: Clear Light As the name implies, it is a preset that goes well with outdoor photography, with the theme of transparency. It is suitable for photos that you want to finish brightly in the daytime, and it is characterized by its transparent expression. In addition to being particularly effective in portraits with side light, Easy-to-use preset with less habit 02: Emotional Shadow It is a preset that is particular about the depiction of shadows. It goes well when you want to create a matte atmosphere. It is especially recommended to match it with the evening photo. Since it is designed for the evening scene, it is a warm color expression when you apply a preset. Please adjust the color temperature when using it for daytime photos. 03: Memory Film It is a preset with a unique atmosphere with the theme of a nostalgic film-like blue feeling. The scenes used are limited because the presets are particularly addictive. It is a preset that can be expressed well when you are addicted to it. You can get the state you want to express by adjusting the balance between exposure and light and dark colors. https://www.instagram.com/mizuki.memorypic/

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